{Recipe: Ginger Love – Double Chocolate Spice Cookies and Caramel Gingerbread Cake}


Ginger is one of my favourite spices (hence the name of my blog). Warm and comforting when freshly grated into some hot water with honey and lemon as a soothing drink in the winter. The rhizome has anti-inflammatory properties and helps settle the stomach, which is why I love it after a race too to … Continue reading

{Best chocolate cake ever from Nectar and a visit to the WildeGrainz bakery}


Behold, this cube of chocolately bliss..it’s called the Mad Hatter..a NEW addition to the Nectar Desserts display case.. A 3 layer chocolate sponge cake with 3 different fillings. The first a thick milk chocolate ganache, second is a layer of¬†passionfruit curd and third is a fruity and tart¬†raspberry coulis, all enrobed in a thick chocolate … Continue reading

{Dining in: Summer Succotash and plum, apricot & blueberry upside-down cake}


Tonight I was craving a hearty dish that would make use of these beautiful fresh organic veggies I received in my grocery delivery box.. Solution: Summer Succotash. I drew inspiration from this recipe. In a small pan, shell 2 cups of english peas and boil in a bit of water for a couple minutes, set … Continue reading

{Recipe: Chocolate Pudding Cake and Dark Chocolate Dreams}


When I get a chocolate craving, it comes with a vengeance. Solution: why not make a chocolate pudding cake! I made this pan the other day and this is all that is left! This is a recipe I’ve had written in my recipe journal in my “must-make soon” list for a while now. This cake … Continue reading


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